Why doulas get no respect. It’s not the science, it’s the culture.

The reason why doulas are unable to gain respect from the press, the obstetric community and the public is that their primary goal of providing emotional support to women during childbirth is not valued by our culture.

Future directions in doula research

What else do we want and need to know about doulas and doula practice beyond the association with selected birth outcomes? By studying doulas, what else becomes important to investigate in the broader area of women’s experience of birth, the professionals involved in birth and the institutional contexts of birth? Here are some questions andContinue reading “Future directions in doula research”

Elayne Clift: Volunteer Doula

Elayne Clift: Volunteer Doula Birth Ambassadors co-author explains why she is a volunteer doula. Posted: Friday, May 31, 2013 1:09 pm | Updated: 1:17 pm, Fri May 31, 2013. By Elayne Clift With the second annual World Doula Week having just ended, I’ve been reflecting once more on why I became a volunteer doula andContinue reading “Elayne Clift: Volunteer Doula”