Christine Morton is a medical sociologist in the Division of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine in the Pediatrics Department at Stanford University.  She researches maternal mortality and morbidity and collaborates with clinical and public health stakeholders in translating findings into quality toolkits.  She also contributes to research on quality care in the NICU.

Dr. Morton’s work explores social meanings of maternal health quality among all stakeholders. She is the author of Birth Ambassadors: Doulas & the Re-emergence of Woman-Supported Childbirth in America (Praeclarus Press, 2014), and founded ReproNetwork.org in 1998, an international listserv with over 750 subscribers, mostly social scientists interested in reproductive/maternal practices, policies and ideologies.    

She has a son and a daughter, who were born safe and healthy thanks to great teamwork between midwives, doulas and OBs.

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