Chapter 4 Excerpt from Birth Ambassadors

Being a Team Member: Doula Strategies and Nurse-Doula Interactions This excerpt highlights findings from Christine Morton’s sociological research on the history and experiences of doulas in the United States. The methodology is described in the book’s Appendix. As outsiders to the hospital, yet as self-professed insiders to labor support, doulas employ several strategies as theyContinue reading “Chapter 4 Excerpt from Birth Ambassadors”

Chapter 3 Excerpt from Birth Ambassadors

Trained Professional or Caring Woman? Doula Dilemmas Doulas assert specialized knowledge of the complex intersection of emotional, physical and medical aspects of childbirth, yet simultaneously, portray themselves as kind, caring women with a natural, intuitive ability to improve clinical outcomes in medicalized settings.  These claims are complicated by several factors.  First, a profession is technicallyContinue reading “Chapter 3 Excerpt from Birth Ambassadors”

Chapter 2 excerpt from Birth Ambassadors

What does it take to become, and to be, a Doula? Doulas often consider themselves unique among women because of their strong attraction to birth and caring for birthing women. At the start of one training workshop, each trainee shared what she thought made her unique.  Answers included such things as deep-sea diving, gourmet cooking,Continue reading “Chapter 2 excerpt from Birth Ambassadors”

Medicaid Coverage for Doula Care: Re-Examining the Arguments through a Reproductive Justice Lens

This blog post by Christine H. Morton, PhD and Monica Basile, PhD, CPM, CD(DONA), CCE (BWI) was originally posted on Lamaze International’s Science & Sensibility Blog in two parts (March 28th & April 2nd, 2013).  Reposted here with permission. How can doula supported births help reduce the cesarean rate and realize cost savings within Medicaid-funded births? TwoContinue reading “Medicaid Coverage for Doula Care: Re-Examining the Arguments through a Reproductive Justice Lens”

Chapter 1 Excerpt from Birth Ambassadors

The following is an excerpt of Chapter One: The Birth of Doulas: A Social History from the forthcoming book, Birth Ambassadors: Doulas and the Re-Emergence of Woman-Supported Birth in America, by Christine H Morton & Elayne G Clift, from Praeclarus Press. Doula care – encompassing the use of medical, herbal, and technological interventions, the socialContinue reading “Chapter 1 Excerpt from Birth Ambassadors”

Elayne Clift: Volunteer Doula

Elayne Clift: Volunteer Doula Birth Ambassadors co-author explains why she is a volunteer doula. Posted: Friday, May 31, 2013 1:09 pm | Updated: 1:17 pm, Fri May 31, 2013. By Elayne Clift With the second annual World Doula Week having just ended, I’ve been reflecting once more on why I became a volunteer doula andContinue reading “Elayne Clift: Volunteer Doula”