Chapter 3 Excerpt from Birth Ambassadors

Trained Professional or Caring Woman? Doula Dilemmas Doulas assert specialized knowledge of the complex intersection of emotional, physical and medical aspects of childbirth, yet simultaneously, portray themselves as kind, caring women with a natural, intuitive ability to improve clinical outcomes in medicalized settings.  These claims are complicated by several factors.  First, a profession is technicallyContinue reading “Chapter 3 Excerpt from Birth Ambassadors”

Chapter 2 excerpt from Birth Ambassadors

What does it take to become, and to be, a Doula? Doulas often consider themselves unique among women because of their strong attraction to birth and caring for birthing women. At the start of one training workshop, each trainee shared what she thought made her unique.  Answers included such things as deep-sea diving, gourmet cooking,Continue reading “Chapter 2 excerpt from Birth Ambassadors”